I’m a french illustrator, designer and occasionally tableware painter. My array of work goes from the highly-detailed illustration to the bespoke panel of visual identity, with a few forrays in other fields such as this self-designed and self-coded site.

I’m a graduate in graphic design from EPSAA, where I often mixed modern design with manually-painted elements. Since graduating in 2011, I’ve primarily but not exclusively worked as an artist selling prints, originals and derived products of my own work.

This hybrid space features both my commissioned and personal works, and while some themes might seem more predominant than others, I’m open for any creative job really! Enquire about my rates through my contact form or email me at

On a side note, my artist name doesn’t derive from the (in)famous empress Messalina, it was sheer coincidence, but as a nod I based my autoportrait on an actual sculpture of her and her son Britannicus on display at the Louvre museum.


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