Doodlin' around


Bonjour! I’m an illustrator and designer settled in the sunny south of France. I’m a graduate in graphic design from EPSAA, where I often mixed modern design with manually-painted elements.

My array of work goes from the highly-detailed illustration to the bespoke panel of visual identity, and might extend in some case to webdesign. This hybrid space features both my commissioned and personal works, and while some themes might seem more predominant than others, I’m open for any creative job really! Please note that requests for free work will be declined if answered at all. A visit to my portfolio, on the other hand, should be enjoyed without restriction!

In 2011 after graduating, I seized the chance to do more creative work by joining the forces of the Gottferdom Studio. This structure is nothing but a charming atelier providing its freelancer inhabitants a true workplace, mandatory hot beverages, cockroaches and good advices.


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