How to order


Using my contact form (or my email if you have it), send me a message with : 1) Name(s) of the piece(s) you’d like to buy 2) Paiement method best suited to your profile (international buyer : paypal, european buyer : paypal / bank transfer, acheteur français : paypal / virement banquaire / chèque) 3) All the necessary informations to proceed (IBAN, paypal email…)


Alternatively, you can request a custom listing in my shop The art of messalyn on Tictail (click on the little speech bubble icon under the name of the shop). Be sure to pass on your country name in the request. I will set up a (RESERVED) listing with your name in it.

Additional infos


Included in the listed price (on this website, not the Tictail shop). I will: send everything with tracking, add insurance for orders above 150€, put a stiff piece of cardboard to prevent folding, and write again your address inside.

I decline all responsability should any losses occur after a package is mailed, and save from any insurance money no refunds will be issued.

All sales are finals.


We can arrange a meet for you to collect my art. It won’t take anything off the price but it’s a friendly and secure way to get your purchase! Sadly, I don’t live in Paris anymore, but I go back sometimes and I can leave stuff with my family. And of course I’m available at all times in Aix-en-Provence.


Of course friends don’t pay full-price, duh.